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Clarins Lifting Replenisher Facial

Unrivaled anti-aging action and age spot correction. Clarins’ intensive replenishing facial is powered by an exclusive, organic Harungana Leaf – the “healing” plant from Madagascar. After just one treatment, the skin’s density and radiance are visibly restored, while deep wrinkles are noticeably diminished. A complimentary Dark Spot Correcting Hand Treatment is all part of our unrivaled anti-aging facial with age spot correction.

*80 Minute Session- $148  *50 Minute Session $116


    Clarins Even Skin Perfector Facial

    Advanced brightening treatment that helps reduce the appearance of dark spots. Restores the fresh, rosy transparency of youthful-looking skin.

    *80 Minute Session- $146  *50 Minute Session $114


      Clarins Power Firmer Facial

      A treatment that gives the skin a more youthful appearance.  The skin becomes smoother, firmer, evenly lifted, all while looking refreshed and rested.

      *80 Minute Session- $142  *50 Minute Session $112

      Clarins Skin Healer Facial

      A soothing treatment specifically developed for sensitive skin. Helps to repair and restore skin’s natural defense mechanisms. Help diminish redness and unifies the complexion.

      *80 Minute Session- $134  *50 Minute Session $98

      Clarins Moisture Replenisher Facial

      A super-hydrating facial that supplies intensive moisture to dehydrated skin. This treatment also nourishes, softens and restores your skin with radiantly youthful results.

      *80 Minute Session- $130  *50 Minute Session $92

      Clarins Clear Skin Refiner Facial

      An ideal treatment to gently rebalance combination or oily skin. Skin is perfectly clean, matte and healthy-looking. Skin texture is refined.

      *80 Minute Session- $123  *50 Minute Session $85

      Intraceuticlas Opulence Brightening Oxygen Treatment

      Ideal for an uneven, dull, or spotty skin tone. This treatment brightens and smoothes the look of the skin to reveal a lighter and brighter appearance.

      *Single Treatment- $225  *Series of 6- $1,350

      Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Oxygen Treatment

      Perfect for any skin type, after this treatment you will see instant results from this cooling, calming treatment. Your skin will look and feel years younger, while also looking visibly lifted, toned and hydrated.

      *Single Treatment- $200  *Series of 6- $1,200

      Intraceuticals No-Tox Botox Oxygen Treatment

      A targeted treatment to smooth the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles. Firms, lifts and plumps the appearance of wrinkles caused by facial muscle contractions around the forehead, eye, nasal folds and lip areas.

      *Single Treatment- $125  *Add-on to Opulence or Rejuvenate- $75

      Microdermabrasion Treatment

      This treatment uses a fine spray of crystals to polish away dead skin and to alleviate sun damage, dullness, and fine lines.

      *Single Treatment- $80  *Series of 6- $410

      Skin Care Consultation

      Meet with a licensed esthetician to determine which treatment will best fit your needs.



      Our Team

      Our Team at the Balance Day Spa are all licensed professionals with extensive training. Nail technicians, massage therapists, and estheticians are licensed by the state of North Carolina and are qualified to provide you with expert personalized care based on your specific needs and wants. Balance Day Spa strives to increase client satisfaction.