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Balance Signature Massage

This relaxing full body massage integrates targeted pressure point techniques with soothing heat therapy to relieve painful knots and aching muscles. Balance elevates the feeling of well-being with the power of pure essential oils combined with stress-releasing movements from your Therapist’s touch. Contoured heated stones coax tension from feet. This is the ultimate time-for-me retreat.

*80 Minute Session- $120  *50 Minute Session $85

    Pain Management Massage

    A focalized treatment designed to help relieve acute pain, our pain management massage features a unique blend of hot and cold therapy, advanced trigger point techniques, and deep tissue work all aided by a menthol, eucalyptus, lavender warming massage gel.

    *80 Minute Session- $115  *50 Minute Session $80


      Therapeutic Massage

      This soothing, rhythmic full body massage relieves tension using a sequence of slower movements with customized pressure. Massage therapists use long smooth strokes, kneading, and circular movements to ease your stress away.

      *80 Minute Session- $105  *50 Minute Session $75

      Hot Stone Massage

      A deeply relaxing and personalized hot stone massage the gently releases tension, soothes aching muscles, eliminates toxins and calms the body and mind. The therapist uses their hands along with nine heat-releasing marble and slate stones to give you a luxurious massage. A honey massage oil is also used to allow you to fully relax, all while using calming essential oils.

      *80 Minute Session- $130  *50 Minute Session $95

       Prenatal Massage

      Face and body pampering specially created to treat skin during the pre- and post- natal stages of  pregnancy. Eases backaches, fluid retention, stress, fatigue and heavy-feeling legs. Improves skin tone and elasticity.

      *Must be at least 13 weeks into pregnancy.

      *80 Minute Session- $125  *50 Minute Session $90

      Reflexology Enhancement

      This specialized treatment relieves stress, eases tension, and improves circulation by restoring the body’s natural balance through reflex points on the feet.

      *30 Minute Add-on- $45

      Couples Massage

      Take a break with your favorite person! Choose any massage and make it a Couple's Massage. Each participant can have a different massage. Experience any of our massage treatments in one of our relaxing Couple’s rooms. Couple’s massages are priced as the same amount as the individual massage service.

      Our Team

      Our Team at the Balance Day Spa are all licensed professionals with extensive training. Nail technicians, massage therapists, and estheticians are licensed by the state of North Carolina and are qualified to provide you with expert personalized care based on your specific needs and wants. Balance Day Spa strives to increase client satisfaction.

      Aromatic Body Exfoliation Treatment

      This exfoliating service is performed with a soft-bristled body brush and customized dead sea salt blend that leaves skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. 

      *Single Treatment- $52  *Add-on to Massage $38